31 jan. 2012

Daily life and some awesome news!!!

Hi there,

I am back from the dentist and ohh boy, glad I got that
done!! I just hate it when I have to go there :(

I'm almost ready with updating my blog, after this
one there will be one more post with some amazing goodies!!
This post will be all about....Pink Reptile Designs!!
Mirjam created some amazing goodies and I mixed and matched
some of her awesome kit together! Her newest goodies are
"Journal cards" and "Banana flavoured alpha"

My page

Fot this page I used: Wanderlust, Bloopers and Noted
all by Pink Reptile Designs!!

I also used an amazing freebie created by Sara Gleason
(Zinnias & Swallowtails) which you can download at

And as you can see in my title...I have some awesome
news that I want to share with you!!! I have been
a fan of Sara Gleason from day one I saw her amazing
templates and when I saw her call for two of her teams
I just couldn't help myself!! LOL I needed to apply!
And...........She accepted me as one of her guests!!!
Yayyyyyy!!! Thank yo so much Sara <3

Let's see it you can find my name LOL

xo Natascha

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