3 aug. 2010


Hi all,

I spend the day with my little girlie girl Sanne, first we went to my mom
this morning and after that we went to the shop to do some grocery
shopping. In our household we have a small rather silly tradition hihihi
Every week when we go shopping Sanne can choose something just
for herself. It can be everything she wants besides the stuff we already
have to buy....yeah yeah yeah I know it's silly!! So today was the day
she picked out something just for her, she has chosen for some delicious
cupcakes!!! They are indeed jummie hahahahaha Here are a few pics.

And a pic of my girlie girl eating one :)


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat zien ze er lekker uit! En zo lief dat Sanne wekelijks iets mag kiezen voor zichzelf! Goede keuze Sanne! Jammie :-) Liefs en groetjes -x-